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The Simple 7 Solution




I am Kelli!!

I believe everyone deserves to feel good and that is the basis for everything I do here.  Feel free to read more about my journey.

I love avocados.  I think that no matter HOW you eat, you can agree that an avocado is amazing for you.

I believe that feeding your body well does not require hours in the kitchen, thousands of dollars, or a culinary education.  That is why I developed The Simple 7 Solution.

I am a former vegetarian marathon running hedge fund accountant turned fitness instructor, 200 HR registered yoga teacher, and a mom of two blue eyed baby girls.

I think diets are dumb on a good day, and down right dangerous most other days.

I am a whole food ENTHUSIAST (its in all caps because I am REALLY into this).  I just love food so much. Food is the best. And I love the science of whole food nutrition.

I am a believer in Whole 30.

I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in the making. I believe in every person’s bio individuality and their right to figure out what makes them thrive from a nutritional standpoint.

I am sober.

I love movement and HIIT and yoga and meditation and running and lifting and walking.  I believe fitness it a celebration of the body, not a punishment for calories consumed.

I believe health is ALL ENCOMPASSING.  It is mind, body, breath, sleep, community, movement, and life.  It is not all or nothing, it is the exact opposite.  Health is freedom.

On this site you will NOT find a “one size fits all” approach to health.  You will not find any “this is how you lose x amount of weight in x amount of time” posts.

You WILL find lots of ideas for how to move the body productively.  You WILL find lots and lots of food and nutrition talk. Take what you want, put down what you don’t.  You WILL find mindfulness, meditation, and a very holistic approach to health and wellness.

Basically, its the whole enchilada of head to toe wellness