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I am asked often if someone should try something new with their nutrition or fitness, and if it will help with whatever goal they have.

“Do you think I should try Keto?”
Maybe, it depends.

“Would HIIT training help with fat loss?”
It’s possible, it depends.

“Will the Whole30 help clear my eczema?”
It could, it depends.

“Should I be tracking macros?”
That might work for you, but it depends.

My point is. IT ALL DEPENDS. It depends on your bio individuality, if you have a history of yo yo dieting, the current state of your adrenal glands and hormones, how you manage your relationship with food, your stress level and the tools you have in your box to manage it.

It all depends AND your body’s needs are constantly shifting. What felt good last year might not this year, and what works in the summer might not work in the winter.

I am eating more carbohydrates now than I have in the last two years, and it’s working. It would not have worked two years ago. But right now adding in fruit, white rice, and more potatoes feels really good. Things have healed and shifted and I’m listening.

When you start with a base of whole and real food, knowing what foods are worth it to you and not worth it, and with constant self assessment and reflection then these changes can be made in a productive and intentional manner.

That is the basis of all my programs 👆🏻

Whole foods and guided self reflection.

So should you try something new?

It really depends. But I would love to help you with that decision process.

Click the link below to request a free consultation so we can see if any of my programs line up with your current needs and goals ✨💕


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