What I’m About: Mission & Vision


That is my motto.  That is what brought me to this space, and that is the basis for everything I do.  I do not care about your past, your choices, your mistakes.  You are a human and humans deserve to feel good.  Hurt people hurt other people, but people who feel good do good.  And I think we can all agree that the world needs more GOOD.


I do not mean “Netflix and Chill,” instant gratification, or anything similar that would translate to feeling temporarily good.  Stepping away from these emotional shields, and leaning into what makes you feel really good, that is what we do here.  

I mean getting to the end of your day, laying your head on the pillow and feeling proud of everything you accomplished, appreciative of everyone you connected with, feeling challenged and fulfilled by your work, and loved by your family and friends.  THAT is the kind of good that every single person deserves.

Here is the thing.

Feeling good is a total body endeavor.

Everyone is a bio-individual, and what makes everyone feel good will be slightly different. But I can guarantee that feeling good STARTS with feeding your body with properly prepared and nutrient dense food and moving in a productive way.  


I want to help you with that starting point, I want to help you find your feel-good launching pad.


I have not always felt good.  I get into my story  more and more on the blog, but it has been my never ending strive to FEEL GOOD that has brought me to this place in my life.

As I moved through my first round of Whole 30, became a fitness instructor, stopped drinking, began my work as a nutritional therapy practitioner, and did more and more personal development and spiritual work, I began to FEEL GOOD.  I also began to realize that this type of feeling good was a practice.  It was a constant decision to show up in my life, day after day.  But because it was a practice it did not have to be impeccable.  I did not vanish into perfection and was not sentenced to damnation from one choice.  Feeding myself well has become the most important spiritual practice.

And I began to realize that I was not unique.  Each and every one of us could feel good in our skin, no matter our background and no matter out story.  But first you need to WANT to feel good, the wanting (and believing you deserve it) is half the battle.  The doing, well that is the easy part, and that is the part I can help you with.