Smoothie Recipes

September has been nicknamed the new January these last few years, and for good reason.  September is the PERFECT time
ITS ALL ABOUT CONTEXT.  I am asked often if someone should try something new with their nutrition or fitness, and
I would love to work with you in your current health journey! I offer a variety of programs depending on
Feeling super restricted with your food choices over the summer is not ideal.  Summer means late nights with friends around
I am often asked if I ever indulge in "bad" foods. First, I am not a believer that there is
I run private Six Week Whole30 + Food Freedom facebook groups every 8 weeks.  They sell out quickly, so if
I am so excited you are interested in my Six Week Whole30 + Food Freedom Group that starts April 29th! Below
In this blog post you will find a recap of our fight with the flu this week, why garlic is
Buckle up my friends!  This gets a little long, but I cannot tell my Whole30 story without weaving it into
The Coca Pulse Test is a way to detect food allergies and intolerances from home.  It was discovered by Dr.