The Simple 7 Solution

My main belief in life is that EVERYONE DESERVES TO FEEL GOOD, and that feeling good means a multi-faceted approach to total body wellness.  No matter what you believe makes up your picture of health and wellness, you know that it starts with eating nutrient rich foods that help your bio individuality thrive. That is a given.  But where do we go from there?


Most people are so overwhelmed by all of the diet information available.  When you throw away all the propaganda, all the marketing, all of the “nutritionism” what you are left with is real, whole food with the correct balance of macro and micro nutrients to help you reach and maintain optimal health. Finding this balance does not need to cost thousands of dollars, take hours in the kitchen, or require that you are a 5 star chef.

It take a mastering a few recipes, making spice mixtures in bulk, whisking together some salad dressing, and having the right convenience foods.

Having the right tools to do the job does not require you to reinvent the hammer, it requires you to know what a hammer is and when that hammer is appropriate.

Ya feel me?  Still here?  OK!

The Simple 7 Solution is a way for you to master 7 simple recipes along with spice mixtures and salad dressing that you can then mix and match throughout your week and month.  It is simple, straight forward, and requires almost no brain power.

The 7 simple recipes include the following:

  • Two breakfast recipes
    • 1 smoothie
    • 1 make ahead egg cup
  • 5 dinner recipes
    • 1 sheet pan
    • 1 slow cooker
    • 1 stir fry
    • 1 pot
    • 1 grill
  • Three spice mixtures
  • Two salad dressings

The idea is that you choose 1 simple recipe (that I have SCOURED the internet for and have tried myself.  Probably several times) from each category.  You MASTER it.  You pick spice mixtures to mix and match when appropriate.  You make the salad dressings to either dress a side salad if you choose, OR to use with left overs over top of a salad for lunches either at work or at home.

This way when you go to meal plan for the week with the .2 spare seconds you probably have on a Sunday you can pick 1 of each category for dinners for the week, or you can pick 3 and make extra servings of each so you can utilize left overs. You can make egg cups a head of time, or commit to making your morning smoothie each morning before you tackle the day.