Whole30 Coaching

To read my Whole30 story and why I believe so strongly in this program please go here.

For Whole30 coaching I offer both in person and online one on one coaching, as well as in person groups several times per year.

Please see one on one coaching information below.  The pricing for group coaching will depend on what location I am running a group out of, so please contact me for more information about any up coming group coaching opportunities.

Online or In Person One on One Coaching- $80 for the 30 days, $125 to add two weeks of food freedom coaching along with personalized reintroduction protocol.

This would include the following:

  • A prep phone call or in person meeting with me to talk about your goals for the program, any questions you have, and to go over any prep items we need to before starting your Whole30.  We will also decide your start date at this time.
  • Daily texts and accountability from me, if that is what you would like.
  • Weekly phone calls or in person meetings about the progress of your program, any questions or difficulties you are having, or anything else you need to discuss.  As well as emails throughout the week with lots of information, motivation, tips and tricks to make your Whole30 successful.
  • Access to an online Facebook group with people who have both completed a Whole30 with me or are currently completing one.  Here you can ask questions, celebrate success, or get support for any struggle! There are lots of recipe ideas and resources in here as well.


To contact me about becoming your Whole30 coach please fill in the information below!